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Video/Audio Production and Consulting ServicesCreated by Dan Landreth


People, companies and organizations need to stand out. Creating a memorable event or a message with the impact of multimedia can acheive that objective. Special events, image promotion, and creative ideas that make stand out moments are what we do. High definition videography to create lasting memories or special event presentations that impact the visual and aural senses can make a stand out. We can make it better and more than just loud...we can make it look and sound great! We use professional equipment and software for outstanding results.

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Non-Profit Benefit

Helping deserving organizations stand out


I have a passion. It's time to give back to community and others while I am able. God has blessed me with skills and abilities in many areas. Among those are technical and creative skills for videography, sound and lighting. If your non-profit has needs to defer costs in these areas, I want to hear from you. My hopes are to spend at least 50% of my time in contributing to the needs of desevering organizations by providing free or discounted services which lowers the cost of operations or fundraising.

Consulting and Advising Services

Drawing on over 30 years of communications experience


With a significant background in electronics and software including satellite communications programs for companies such as Scientific-Atlanta (now Cisco), Comsat, DISH Network and EchoStar; I can provide consultation services for investment analysts and high-tech start-ups. My flexible schedule allows me to consult in various aspects of technology vetting, competitive analysis, expert witness, product development and business development. I currently work with a few agencies who represent expert consultants to investment firms and others but am open to individual consulting contracts. If you have an interest you may want to examine my background in more detail.

Launching a Business

Turning a passion into a career and a mission


This site is not complete. I'm working on it. Later you will find a site which is much more rich in the stories of various events and how Landreth Media helped those organizations exceed their expectations for video, audio and other multimedia. Please come back and check us out. If you want to contact me now, please just drop me an email at danlandreth@me.com and I will get right back to you.