Corporate Videography by Landreth Media

Video and Audio Production Servicesby Dan Landreth


Make it much more than just a memo. Video in large and small companies can help you communicate with your customers, impress an investor or recruit a top employee. Landreth Media provides script writing, talent coaching and all the production aspects to make your message both easy to produce as well as memorable to your viewers.

You’ll get very custom services but at a cost that easily fits your budget.

I can make you sound good, look good and give your message the impact it deserves.

Putting It all Together

Making your message complete


I post-produce your video and audio with Adobe Creative Suite, a professional software system which creates a broadcast quality master. The master is rendered to the format needed for your application. Streaming versions for internal or public hosting can be provided for viewing on desktops, laptops and tables. DVD and Blu-ray media and packaged with professional labeling, boxes and covers are available for distribution. I can economically give you duplicates for large or small scale mailings.

Watch a Corporate Statement

How the web can promote your core business values


Putting a face and a voice to a company can add credibility. You can use your own people, as in this example, or professional talent to communicate your message. Graphics can be customized to highlight your message and the final production can give your company that professional image for potential customers, investors or prospective employees.

Watch a corporate image example of my videography on YouTube.