Wedding Videography by Landreth Media

Video and Audio Production Servicesby Dan Landreth


Traditional or destination style....your wedding day can be captured in stunning high definition video and stereo/surround sound. Multiple camera angles and multi-track audio recording including wireless microphones discreetly placed will capture the memories. What a perfect way to preserve a life changing event.

You’ll get very custom services but at a cost that easily fits your budget. It can be as simple as covering only the ceremony or you can include much, much more. Even with the smallest package, I typically attend the rehearsal to plan the camera and sound locations. Options include pre-wedding events such as parties, rehearsal dinners and even capturing the bridesmaids as they calm the bride’s jitters. You can include receptions or after wedding parties and have a video journal with that first dance as well as blessings from the guests.

Your highlights can be available quickly to post on the web if you wish. I can even provide live streaming services if you have guest to include who cannot attend.

Please let me help you capture not only the moment but the emotions in video and sound that can last to enjoy again and again.

Preserving the memory

Making your wedding day take the prized place


Whatever the package of coverage you choose, I post-produce your video and audio with Adobe Creative Suite, a professional software system which creates a broadcast quality master. The master is rendered to DVD and Blu-ray media and packaged with professional labeling, boxes and covers. I can economically give you duplicates for friends and relatives too. You can even get the full event in a digital file format for streaming or to play on tablets and computers.

Watch a Wedding Kiss

How YouTube can share your moment with others


That key moment can be quickly uploaded and let you share the statement you make to the world as you share a commitment kiss with each other. Facebook, Google+ or other friends can view your presentation as husband and wife plus the smiling stride down the asile.

Watch an example on YouTube.